A robust aluminum carport

The Renson Algarve Canvas is the ideal solution for protecting your car against inclement weather. The aluminum carport stands out aesthetically thanks to its slender aluminum structure and robust fixed roof which make dividing beams unnecessary. You can choose a freestanding model, have the aluminum carport attached to your facade or extend it above your front door. This means you are always sheltered from the elements between your car and your front door.

The fixed roof of the Renson Algarve Canvas consists of 2 high-quality elements. The top layer is an enameled steel plate with an anti-condensation layer. A solar shading canvas screen is stretched beneath this in the color of your choice. The result is a sleek looking, stretch ceiling with a soft appearance which conceals the underside of the steel plates. There are many optional finishes available for this minimalist and sleek aluminum carport, ranging from LED lighting to fixed walls. All the technologies used, from screw connectors to water drainage channels, are fully concealed. Furthermore, you can connect the Renson Algarve Canvas to an Algarve louvered pergola for a huge covered area that blends in perfectly with the overall look and feel of your home!

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