Linarte Outdoor Light

So much more than just a garden bench

Linarte Modulo is an incredibly versatile garden element. It serves as a bespoke planter box or is the ideal bench for creating a resting place in your garden. Since the edges of this designer planter box are clad with the stylish, vertical Linarte profiles, the Linarte Modulo blends in wonderfully with the other Linarte walls or facade cladding!

You can close off the Linarte Module with a hard wood (beech) cover. This allows you to create an aluminum garden bench in a jiffy! This bench for your garden is available in square and rectangular versions. You can combine the two versions to your heart’s content and link them for a unique design with a designer planter box and garden bench in one. Just like the other Linarte elements, the Linarte Modulo is also available in 20 RAL colors according to your preference.

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